Quiver EDU Ambassador: Terry Stoufer

Terry Stoufer

Twitter ID: @firstatbat
Class Twitter ID: @linkedlearners
Class Website: http://lps.citrusschools.org

Bio: For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a teacher. From the moment I became one, I knew this was what I was created to do. I have taught for 18 years, 1st-5th. Currently, I have been looping from 2nd to 3rd grade. In the last few years, I have discovered the power of being a connected educator. That connection led me to discover augmented reality for the first time. My experience with augmented reality is that I have found that it adds to the learning experience. It engages students and helps them to “see” more clearly. I am hoping to be part of the group of educators that brings this to more classrooms, not just for “how cool it is”, but with intention and purpose. I believe if we work together to share resources and ideas, we can see AR as one of the best tools to enhance our classrooms.

Your Favorite Quiver Resource and Why? The “Dot” is my favorite because it is so open to interpretation. It was the first I used with the book, the Dot and the first I saw being used. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of AR.

Your Motto or Class Motto: We are hear to think, create, empower and connect.

What is your favorite teaching moment? My favorite moments in education are the ones where a child realizes how amazing they are.

Why do you use Augmented Reality in your classroom? We should use Augmented Reality in the classroom because it is a tool that is available that will engage and motivate our students. We are in the middle of 21st century learning and have amazing tools at our fingertips. It is our responsibility to expose our students and allow them to experience what will be a part of their everyday life.

Why did you want to become a Quiver Ambassador? I am excited to be a Quiver Ambassador because I get to be a part of the planning, idea sharing and resource gathering. I get to work alongside some of the best educational leaders and learn from them.

How do your share Quiver Resources with other educators? I share Quiver resources on site, in workshops and through social media.

Have you presented Quiver’s Resources at a workshop or conference? I have shared Quiver at a district workshop.


Title of Lesson or Activity: Where Are We Headed?

Grade Level: Any
Subject or Topic: Beginning of the Year
Duration of Lesson/Activity: 60 minutes
Objective of Lesson/Activity: To Set Goals for the Year


Standards that the Lesson/Activity Meets:

  • Actively engage in group reading activities with purpose and understanding.
  • Write informative/explanatory texts in which they name a topic, supply some facts about the topic, and provide some sense of closure.

Materials Needed for Lesson/Activity: 


Read the book “There” to begin a discussion about the school year ahead. Turn and talk about what they hope to learn this year. Have students draw pictures of them achieving goals on their Quiver shoe. Depending on age group, have students write a letter to themselves of what they hope to learn this year, and what steps they will need to take. For younger students, teacher can do a shared writing with class. Display the shoes with a path to There on a bulletin board or other hallway display.

Key Vocabulary: Goal

Assessment: Do students have clear goals? Did students use appropriate and proper writing.

Notes, Tips, etc… 
This lesson could be used at other times to year for goal setting or beginning of unit.