Quiver EDU Ambassador: Penny Rayhill


Penny Rayhill

Penny Rayhill

Twitter ID: @PennyRayhill
Class/School Website: http://pinch.kana.k12.wv.us

Bio: I am a Technology Coach in two elementary schools. I’ve been in the school system since 1999. My journey as an educator began when my children were in school and I was a parent volunteer. Working with the students was an uplifting experience. The kids are their parents’ everything and I want to be the person who will be in their corner while they are in school. Additional certifications I have are Apple Teacher, Apple Vanguard, Apple Vanguard Coach, Seesaw Ambassador, and Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Certified Educator. In addition to the Quiver app (which I used when it was ColAR), I’ve had intermediate students create projects with the Aurasma app. Quiver is an app that is easily used by kindergarten students and engages fifth graders.

Your Favorite Quiver Resource:
So far my favorite activity has been using the flag. Students have redesigned the West Virginia state flag and explained why.
Your Motto or Your Class’s Motto:
I am not a classroom teacher, but my students are reminded to use technology safely, respectfully, and responsibly.
What is your favorite teaching moment?
The ah ha moments, when students make that connection to learning.
Why do you use Augmented Reality in your classroom?
I love the creativity and critical thinking aspects it can add to lessons.
Why did you want to become a Quiver Ambassador?
I enjoy using augmented reality in lessons and I think being an ambassador will provide additional opportunities for PD and lesson ideas. Being in two schools and being an Apple Vanguard Coach gives me the platform to share knowledge about Quiver.
How do you share Quiver’s Resources with other educators?
Twitter is a great place to share resources as well as search for ideas for using Quiver.
Have you presented Quiver’s Resources at a workshop or conference?
Yes, I’ve presented at district professional development. This was a hands on teacher activity with the trigger coloring sheets. For example, if a teacher colored the fire truck they developed a lesson they could use in their classroom. Kindergarten teacher loved this for Fire Safety month.

Title of Lesson or Activity:  Flying the Flag of West Virginia

Grade Level: 2nd Grade
Subject or Topic: West Virginia History
Duration: 45 minutes
The Objective of Lesson/Activity:
Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of WV state symbols and why they are used.
Standards that the Lesson/Activity Meets:
West Virginia History SS.2.17
Materials Needed for Lesson/Activity:
Students use the flag trigger coloring sheet to create a new West Virginia state flag. Items put on the flag must be relevant to the state. Using the record options in the Quiver app, students will video the flag they created without audio for approximately 30 seconds. The video should be saved to the Camera Roll and then brought into iMovie. In iMovie the students will record their explanation as to why they chose to design the flag they way they did. If the recording exceeds the time of the flag video they will add the same flag video again. A title with the student’s name should be added to the video. The final video will be saved to the Camera Roll and will then be uploaded to Seesaw for parents and others to see.
Key Vocabulary:
  • Augmented Reality
  • Trigger
  • Symbols
Informal assessment – does student have an understanding of symbols and why we use them?
Notes, Suggestions, Tips, etc…
If students do not have prior knowledge of iMovie the lesson time will be longer than 45 minutes. Avoid coloring with dark colors.