Quiver Augmented Reality Used as Art Therapy for Veterans.

At QuiverVision, we regularly receive emails from teachers and parents regarding how much of an impact Quiver has had in their lessons or the creative uses they have found to engage their children. Recently though, we received a touching email from Paula in Fort Dodge, Kansas. Below is her story and how Quiver has helped her below.

“I am writing as a testimonial to your program Quiver and to the impact it is having on veterans at Fort Dodge, Kansas.

As president of the 8th District American Legion Auxiliary, I have been working with veterans at Ft. Dodge, Kansas in a Creative Arts Program.

The benefits of Creative Arts create a non threatening environment. It is hands on art therapy where you don’t have to find a word to express a feeling or emotion. You can use a symbol, a picture, a color or a shape. Art therapy is gaining recognition as a healing exercise for service members with psychological healing concerns and traumatic brain injury. Art therapy is a great therapeutic tool for veterans to engage in to express themselves in a nonverbal way. Participating in visual art experiences can be beneficial, as well, to those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Researchers state the benefits of coloring are experienced because it engages different areas of the brain. Psychologist Gloria Martinez Ayala notes: “The action involves both logic, by which we color shapes and creativity, when mixing and matching colors.”

As a former teacher, I used the then “Colar Mix” application and the design a dot for 6-8th graders to introduce themselves on the first day of class. I introduced the Quiver application to stimulate participation at Ft. Dodge. The participants were thrilled! Veterans who had previously failed to join any activities began participating. At first they did so reluctantly and then enthusiastically.”

“I can anticipate hurdles others might face in introducing Quiver in a similar program. Leaders would first need to be familiar with the Quiver product. The second hurdle would be the need to acquire funds to purchase the program and equipment. I personally downloaded the Quiver Education app and coloring pages using funds I generated from an American Legion fundraiser. I am using my own iPad to capture the finished product. I borrowed a projector and a large screen from the school where I used to teach. I did this so that all the participants were able to share the results of their efforts. I will continue fundraising to acquire sufficient funds to purchase the required equipment that I have been borrowing from the school.

After seeing the impact the Quiver program has had on veterans, I am very much interested in introducing the program to nursing homes and assisted living residences.”

Have you used Quiver or Quiver Education in a different or creative way? Let us know!