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We have been featured in the below publications. For press enquiries, please email us at info@quivervision.com.

Tech In Asia 2015

by Osman Husain
Let’s face the truth. Kids these days are more interested in technology – playing games on smartphones or tablets – than activities such as coloring. This dynamic partly accounts for the massive growth in games and apps targeted specifically at children…

MTV News 2015

by Joseph Lamour
…Disney’s futuristic coloring book is still in development, this technology already exists. Crayola’s Color Alive and Quiver’s 3D coloring app let you first color an image, then transfer it to the third dimension and play games with your masterpieces

TechCrunch 2015

by Ambarish Mitra
To date, Augmented Reality (AR) has been referred to as “the biggest technological advancement of our lifetime” by some, a mere “gimmick” by others or, worst yet, the next iteration of the QR code…

Mashable 2013

by Emily Price
The coloring book has just gone high-tech. Mobile app colAR takes traditional 2D coloring pages and then turns them into 3D models that literally jump off the page. Unlike any coloring experience you’ve had before, the app makes the things you color come to life with animation that seems to bring the otherwise generic drawings to life…

TechCrunch 2013

by Greg Kumparak
I would’ve written this earlier, but I was busy picking pieces of my mind up off the floor. I get to write about cool stuff all day, but this… this is incredible. colAR is the coloring book of the future. By mashing up traditional coloring books with some good ol’ augmented reality voodoo, colAR brings your kid’s drawings to life in full, animated 3d…

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