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3D Augmented Reality.

The 3D Augmented Reality coloring book technology, originally called colAR, was developed at the HIT Lab NZ, and after receiving overwhelming positive feedback and awards at conferences around the world, QuiverVision (originally called Puteko Limited) was founded to commercialize the technology.

We’re driving innovation in practical application of AR by the world’s leading brands! We specialise in leading edge coloring technology – our premier App is called “Quiver” and is available on both iOS and Android.

While Augmented Reality has been perceived as being gimmicky in the past, that is no longer the case and the experience we provide is both high quality and engaging for everyone to enjoy!  Just check out our Twitter feed (@quivervision) for evidence!


  • To provide high quality augmented reality experiences that merge physical playtime with astonishing 3D graphics and digital technologies.
  • To produce educational content that supports learning in fun and stimulating ways.
  • To supply brands looking to add digital flair to their marketing campaigns with exciting solutions.


For more than a decade the QuiverVision team has been researching and developing augmented and virtual reality systems. We’ve seen first-hand the potential these advanced technologies have to transform all manner of sectors, including entertainment, education, retail, tourism, and engineering.

We are continuously seeking to create ground-breaking augmented reality products that provide captivating new experiences. Our augmented reality coloring books, a worldwide hit with kids, parents, teachers and global brands, are just the first step in this journey.

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