Quiver EDU Ambassador: Joe Marquez

Name: Joe Marquez

Twitter ID: @JoeMarquez70

Class Twitter ID: @MarquezScience

Class/School Website: tinyurl.com/asimarquez


Bio: Joe Marquez is a passionate educator who loves nothing more than to discover new ways to motivate and engage his 8th grade science students. His focus is not on ways educators teach their kids, but rather on new ways they can better reach their kids. Technology has been the spark which has ignited his exploration into next generation educational technology and pushed him into becoming a leader and technology coach for the Clovis Unified School District. His innovating spirit, outgoing attitude and outrageous personality has earned him the coveted titles of Certified Google Innovator, Certified Google Trainer, Prezi Educational Society member, PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator, Nearpod PioNEAR and Trainer, Remind Connected Educator and Advisory Board Member, Quiver Ambassador, Microsoft Innovative Educator, CUE Rockstar Teacher Faculty and CUE Lead Learner. Recently Joe was the recipient of the CVCUE 2014 Educator of the Year Award, the prestigious Clovis Unified Crystal Award and featured speaker at the California Teachers Summit in 2015 and 2106. Joe is also an adjunct Professor for the Fresno Pacific University Educational Technology Master’s Program and guest instructor for the Fresno State Teacher Track Academy. View his blog at www.SonsOfTechnology.com
I have been working with augmented reality for the past 4 years and have included Quiver into my presentation ARming the Classroom. I love the idea of students becoming immersed into a lesson and experiencing learning first hand. I have integrated AR into my Educational Technology Multimedia Masters course I teach and ask my students to film their students expressions the first time they use it in class. It is amazing.
Favorite Quiver Resource: I love Quiver Flag because there is so much I use it for. I have my students create an element flag for our periodic table element report. I have my students draw a flag for themselves that would represent them if they were a country. I show it to my history teachers for students to draw their battle flags if they were the civil war.

Your Motto: It’s not how we teach our kids, its how we reach our kids.

What is your Favorite Teaching Moment? The moment I see a student finally realize that heir is joy in learning.

Why do you use Augmented Reality in your classroom? AR brings the lesson to life, it brings tangibility to a lesson.

Why did you want to become a Quiver Ambassador? I love the mission of Quiver and I want to help as many teachers grasp its potential so I can reach as many students in the world as possible.

How do you share Quiver’s Resources with other educators? I present at conferences every other weekend giving my “ARming the Classroom” presentation.

Where have you presented? I have presented Quiver at ISTE 2016 in the Google Playground and in 2017. I have presented a workshop on AR use at the CUE Rockstar Summer Bootcamps. I present Quiver at Google Summits all around the United States.

Name: Joe Marquez

Title of Lesson/Activity: Getting to know who you ARe

Grade Level: All

Subject or Topic: Beginning of the year getting to know you activity

Duration of Lesson/Activity: 30 minutes to create & 30 minutes to present

Objective of Lesson/Activity: The activity is aimed at students trying to convey who they ARe via ARt.

Standards that the Lesson/Activity Meets: This lesson is not standards based, rather it’s intent is to have students become familiar with each other and the tools we will use in class.

Materials Needed for Lesson/Activity: Quiver Flag and/or the Quiver StarBucks Cup

Lesson/Activity: Students will have a choice to use either the Quiver AR Flag or the Quiver AR Starbucks cup.

AR Flag: In order for the class to get to know you better, create a flag as if you were a country. What do you stand for? What are your likes? What are your favorite colors. This is a statement about who you are and the person you see yourself as. As a Flag is a Statement of one’s country, your flag will be a statement about yourself.

AR Starbucks Cup: If you went to a Starbucks and the Barista had to draw images that represents you instead of writing your name, what would the Barista draw? How would the pictures and symbols used on the cup represent you. Be creative and unique so we all know the cup belongs to you!

Key Vocabulary:

  • Creative
  • Distinct
  • Personality


Assessment: The students will be asked to present their flag to the class using the Quiver Education app. The student will be assessed not on the art produced, rather they will be graded on the meaning they put behind their ARt and the effort they put into the project.


Notes, Suggestions, Tips, etc…

Do not give the students any longer than 30 minutes to create the ARt

Me Cup